As we approach our 35th year, we want to look back at some of the successes and changes the St. Patrick’s Day Dash has experienced. It’s quite an evolution!

In 1985, we were the first Seattle area run/walk to use the Viaduct. We challenged you to Dash from one barstool to another. It wasn’t too far, just about 4 miles, and you showed your enthusiasm. The party at FX McRory’s was huge and created the perfect launching point for one of Seattle’s iconic events.

For 15 years, we finished at the Kingdome, a versatile concrete building that hosted professional sports, a Final Four and major events. In 2000, we finished in front of the skeleton of a building that imploded in a cloud of dust and paved the way for improvements in Seattle’s stadium scene.

We have finished next to Safeco Field in the most narrow Post Dash ever. Then we moved back to the Clink, and closed Occidental and King St. in front of FX McRory’s to continue our beer garden tradition.

Told by the City we couldn’t run on the Viaduct in 2010, we complied, adapted, and created a unique course on Aurora to Canlis and back to Seattle Center. On one fateful day, the snow fell with flakes the size of leaves.

Told by you that it was important to Dash a standard distance, we changed to a 5K in 2015. In the process, we designed a course that the City adopted as the standard for 5K routes through downtown.

One constant, we have always STARTED on Mercer St. in the shadow of the Space Needle next to Seattle Center. And now, we still FINISH at the best St. Patrick’s Day beer garden in the City.

We welcome the participation of multiple generations, as Kids, Parents, Grandparents and friends join the fun. The Leprechaun Lap is still an awesome example of parents trying to keep up with their kids.

The Dash has always supported community non-profits. Our affiliation with the Irish Heritage Club has been constant. Our ten-year relation with the Detlef Schrempf Foundation sustained us and provided us with a number of terrific sponsors. We continue to partner with non-profit organizations and make donations to local charities. Opportunities to volunteer and the resulting funds raised positively impact these groups’ annual budgets. Make sure you select your favorite charity, and consider an additional donation when you register.

The 35th St. Patrick’s Day Dash is ON ST. PATRICK’S DAY, Sunday March 17. Sign Up Today!